Welcome to Falufri


At Falufri, we have always believed in the inherent power of our pupils. We are convinced that almost every single individual has the ability to study and to achieve good results when doing so. We know that our methodological model makes it easier to find motivation in order to succeed.

The vision of Falufri is clear. We are a school that aspires to inspire, to both commitment and personal responsibility. The reason for this is, simply, that committed people often just want a little bit more. They see the value of being challenged and to embark on a quest of personal development. They see the benefits of studying to simply learn more.

At Falufri we also focus quite a bit on the whole idea of personal responsibility. To us it is absolutely clear that you as a youngster benefit by developing your ability to think independently and to reach your own conclusions. Upper secondary school, or high school as it is also commonly known, is an important step into your future life regardless if you choose to continue on into further education, to find a job or travel round the globe. Falufri prepares you for that future life – as an adult – on your own terms.

Mutual responsibility also engenders respect, between teachers and students alike. This is most definitely a major contributing factor to the warm and friendly atmosphere we have become famous for.

At Falufri we all contribute to what might be seen as the school spirit. As a pupil you are most definitely part of all ideas and decisions. Together we develop our argumentative and analytical skills as well as our ability to reason. We see the value of appreciating each other’s point of view. This will improve your ability to see connections, pose questions – to actually make your voice heard. Our students usually also claim that they as individuals come to the forefront, however, this also means that we demand participation. This makes sense, we are, when all is said and done, all contributing to the positive atmosphere of Falufri.