Model UN

Model United Nations, Falun 2020

The 16th – 19th  March 2020, will arrange Model United Nations at Falu Frigymnasium in Falun with up to 150 delegates participating. Many invited students from Swedish and international schools that we cooperate with will take part as delegates, as well as many of Falu Frigymnasium´s own students. The organisation consists of the General Assembly with three committees. English is used as working language.

Here you will find the invitation for Model UN 2020.

Send your application to at the latest on the 6th of December.

If You have questions contact Åsa Gårdbro or Björn Borgström at Falu Frigymnasium or

Committees in Model UN 2020

Further on you will find descriptions of Model UN 2020 with links here:

  • Human Rights Committee
  • Peace, Security and Disarmament Committee
  • Committee for Environment and Economics

Information to delegates in Model UN Falun  2020

HERE you will find a list of all delegations participating inModel UN Falun 2020, where you can see which committee You will work in and in which issue to write resolution.

Study Your issue and the country you will be representing, and write a resolution. Below You find links for all issues that might be useful when writing your resolution.

Notice that You are required to use Times New Roman and size 12 when You write Your resolutions.

We also kindly require You to save Your documents in google drive docs format and set sharing properties to ”share with all” in order for everyone to be able to take part of Your document. Note that no other file format is accepted than google drive docs.

E-mail your resolution to, Wednesday 4th of March.

Here you will find the resolutions for Model UN Falun 2020

E-mail your position papers to on the 11th of March.

Here you will find the timetable for Model UN Falun 2020.

Here You will find the timetable for the General Assembly (Thursday) 2020 when it is decided.

Delegations, committees, issues & resolutions


Preparations January – March

  • Study Your country and learn about its history, politics, religion, international relations and foreign policies.
  • Study Your issue and write a resolution.
  • Here is an example of a resolution and here (swedish here) You can read about how to write a resolution and position papers.
  • Read all the resolutions in Your committee in order to prepare for lobbying and debate.
  • Write position papers – a statement about the contry´s policies in the two other issues in your committee. This is needed for you to be prepared for debating and voting in the General Assembly. (E-mail your position paper to on the 4th of March)
  • Write a short opening speech presenting Your delegation. The maximum time for the opening speech is 1,5 minutes.
  • Prepare for the role by choosing proper clothing; strictly formal or national costume.

All the information You will need to prepare as a delegate is to be found in The Quick Guide to Model UN

Here you will find some links for all issues that might be useful for writing the resolutions. Below there are further more links with general information.

General information about UN member states:

United Nations Treaty Collection:

Search UN websites

A guide to UN documentation, Voting records and UN reports

For information about the relations between your country and others, search ”foreign relations of… (country)” at


More information

During November to February we will continue to update our webpage. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you need more information or tuition on how to prepare for the model UN. We will be pleased to give advice and help.

Sincerely Yours

The project group

Falu Frigymnasium